‘Water Pagoda’

‘Water Pagoda’-2018, 40″x 56″
Inspired by the Pavillon Thailandais in Lausanne, on Lake Geneva; I made this “Dream Memory”.
It’s not really in the water, of course, but…
In a dream; truth is often the first casualty.

’15 Minutes in Lausanne’

’15 Minutes in Lausanne’-2018, 40″x 40″
Inspired by the funky area in downtown Lausanne, Les Garages.

‘Palais de Rumine Study #2’

‘Palais de Rumine Study #2’-2018, 40″x 40″
The Symmetry of Man’s creation becomes apparent with altered Geometry.
Generally our best efforts, seem to mimic the natural world…

‘Palais de Rumine-Lausanne’

‘Palais de Rumine-Lausanne’-2018, 40″x 40″
This is my playful take, from the center of the square.

‘Lausanne Near Notre-Dame’

The surreal Art of Chris Thomas-‘Lausanne Near Notre-Dame’-2018, 40″x 40″

‘Lausanne Near Notre-Dame’-2018, 40″x 40″
It was April; the trees were just popping out!
Here’s my take on the Cathedral neighbourhood.
Lausanne is unique, a terrific city.
Les Lausannois sont FANTASTIQUE!

‘Les Garages-Lausanne’

‘Les Garages-Lausanne’-50″x 82″
Downtown #Lausanne is multi-level and cool.
Les Garages is an area of creative entrepreneurs, running boutique enterprises…

‘Lake Geneva Fish’

‘Lake Geneva Fish’-2018, 45″x 45″
I’m playing with the Lake Geneva waterfront in #Lausanne, #Switzerland. We spent a terrific week in Lausanne… showing and making art. New European shows, on offer and scheduled…

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