‘Arc de Triomphe Warp’

Master Print-125cm x 125cm

Arc de Triomphe Warp-2018
Another in the Sunny October series…

‘Arc de Triomphe-Sunny October’

Master Print-125cm x 125cm

‘Arc de Triomphe-Sunny October’-2018,
I’m sad to see, how November and December have unfolded for France.
I’m sure they’ll sort it out, in their own time and fashion…

‘Place de la Concorde #4’

Master Print-125cm x 125cm

‘Place de la Concorde #4’-2018
I love the light in Paris…

‘Place de la Concorde #3’

‘Place de la Concorde #3’-2018, 115cm x 115cm
For the circle that’s not really a circle; I put some extra spin on it!

‘Louvre Dream 2018’

‘Louvre Dream 2018’-125cm x 250cm
I had excellent mid-October light to work with when capturing my scenes.
Parisians were enjoying their extended summer, as was I …

‘Place de la Concord Study #2’

‘Place de la Concord Study #2’-2018, 50″x 90″
The Obelisque is Egypt’s gift to France. It occupies a place of honour in Paris.
My take on the intersection of two cultures…

‘Carrousel du Louvre’

‘Carrousel du Louvre’-2018, 60cm x 120cm
My recent trip to Paris was particularity productive. My terrific Gallerist, @monayoussef looked after business… so my wife and our 2 granddaughters, were free to play and create! The last time I was working in Paris; I was shooting film, into large distortable mylar mirrors… it was 2001.

I’m now free in the digital world, enjoying massive power at my fingertips.
The digital imaging revolution, continues to transform my art, but it remains photographic…

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