‘No Clones Study #2’

‘No Clones Study #2’-2018, 40″x 40″
Spring in the forest and the dog walking is easy…
My dog, George agrees, although he’ll always try to “double down” on duration.

‘West Point-PEI’

‘West Point-PEI’-2018, 52″x 78″
It’s the end of March and winter hasn’t released it’s grip yet!
I needed a “trip to the beach”, so I pulled these image captures from last summer’s library and made ‘West Point-PEI’.
A great place to “be a kid”.

‘North Cape, PEI’

‘North Cape, PEI’, 2017-40″x 40″
Prince Edward Island is famous for its’ red soil and beaches.

The North Cape is hauntingly beautiful; when you’re there… there’s nothing else.

‘Dino Park Study #14’

‘Dino Park Study #14’-2012, 40″x 40″

Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, is a very strange and beautiful place. It seems ironic that a place so “out of our time”, should cough up so many terrific fossils. It’s still very much a hostile environment… baked in the summer and frozen in winter. The fossils literally jump out of the ground, with the weathering going on.
I couldn’t reduce it to a postcard; I had to put a spin on it!

‘Cathedral Grove Portal’

Cathedral Grove Portal
‘Cathedral Grove Portal’-2015, 45″x90″
I love being in the forest but it has a dark side too. This piece mixes the beautiful with the unknown, which for me, are two of the best things about the forest. As long as it’s going well; it’s great.

Cathedral Grove is an Old Growth Forest on Vancouver Island.

‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant’

'Stanley Park Fire Hydrant'

‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant’-2017, 45″x 45″

I swear; I did not “Photoshop” this fire hydrant, into Vancouver’s Stanley Park!

I wasn’t aware that the park had it own fire suppression system until recently, when I started to explore it more thoroughly. I’m happy to see it after a couple of very dry years here.

I could have done a nice “Post Card” shot but that would have been too boring…

‘Avatar Old Growth Sky’

'Avatar Old Growth Sky'

‘Avatar Old Growth Sky’ -2016, 45″x 45″

If you had “bug vision” you might see the forest like this…

Western Red Cedars and Douglas Fir trees, some as old as 800 years and 75 m (250 ft) in height, reach for the sky. Like the ancient Egyptians; they worship the Sun. They also manufacture oxygen and consume CO2 and now draw tens of thousands of Eco-tourist every year. Avatar Old Growth Forest is on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific side, near Port Renfrew.

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