‘Arctic Chopper Crew’

‘Arctic Chopper Crew’-1987, 11″ x 14.75″
After a long and cold winter on the West Coast; summer has arrived! Now, having spent the last several days sweating in the heat; I’m already reminiscing about cooler temperatures.
This shot as taken at -45°C. Just before this, I’d pulled a colour geletin filter out to attach to a lens. The total stillness of the air was momentarily broken by the gentlest of breezes, totally shattering the filter in my hand.

Sun rise in Tuktoyuktuk, on the Beaufort Sea, at noon Dec. 21/1987, the Winter Solstice.
These guys made my work and a lot of other peoples work and safety, their top priority. These are the people who keep you alive… when you’re where, you otherwise shouldn’t be…

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