‘Avatar Palette Diptych’

‘Avatar Palette Diptych’ -2016, Panels 45″x 45″-This palette study allows me to see all the colours, in the 360° environment of the camera. I like to do one of these as I develop a series in a given location. Avatar Old Growth Forest is on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific side, near Port Renfrew. It’s an endangered environment and the subject of my present work…

It’s hard to believe… but 9000 hectares (over 22,000 acres) of Old Growth Temperate Rain Forest are still cut, every year on Vancouver Island.

‘Deep Cove No Diving’



‘Deep Cove No Diving’-2016, 45″x45″

Deep Cove, on Vancouver Island is easy to get to and often overlooked.

It’s just a small village but has a great little port and marina. This sign is not a joke; it stands about 4 feet high at the end of this dock….

Further out; it’s Deeper!

‘Willow Creek Coulee’

'Willow Creek Coulee'

‘Willow Creek Coulee’-2016, 40″ x 80″

This part of Alberta is really unique; this is Canada’s “Dinosaur Country”. I feel like I’m in a “Time Warp” when I’m here! Mother Nature is shedding her gown and revealing her deep past in these “Badlands”. Hot and dry or cold and snowy; time stops here…

Botanical Beach Palette Diptych

'Botanical Beach Palette Diptych'

Art of Chris Thomas

‘Botanical Beach Palette Diptych’-2016

I  often do a palette study of environments I work in. It’s surprising how powerful some tones and colours can be!

In order to do this and include everything; I do a 360° capture. I could do the popular VRthing, but I choose to go the other way. I’m subtracting data to abstract it and let tone and colour say it all. This palette of Botanical Beach, displays all the tones and colours of a living, rocky, inter-tidal beach… on a sunny day in the Pacific North-West.

I consider it a “Calming Zoom”. Not such an easy thing to do…

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