‘West Point Football World’

‘West Point Football World’-2018, 40″x 45″
Further indulgences in early spring “Beach Dreaming”…
If you were an ant; this world would be big enough for you…

‘Harvey Gothic’

‘Harvey Gothic’-2017, 40″x 40″
That’s Harvey, New Brunswick, in the summertime with my pals P&M.
Fortunately, not all of New Brunswick looks like this.
Better people than this, are hard to find, even on flat land!

‘Halifax Ramp’

'Halifax Ramp'

‘Halifax Ramp’-2017, 45″x 45″ is kind of; a dreamy summer comment on the naval heritage of the city. If you’ve ever been to Halifax in the summer… you didn’t see this!

But if you know Halifax; it won’t take you long to figure out where it was shot.

‘Peggy’s Cove Harbour World’

‘Peggy’s Cove Harbour World’-2017, 45″x45″
In Peggy’s Cove, how can you choose which way to point your camera?
No image, is as good as being there… here’s my glimpse of the harbour.

‘Cathedral Grove Portal’

Cathedral Grove Portal
‘Cathedral Grove Portal’-2015, 45″x90″
I love being in the forest but it has a dark side too. This piece mixes the beautiful with the unknown, which for me, are two of the best things about the forest. As long as it’s going well; it’s great.

Cathedral Grove is an Old Growth Forest on Vancouver Island.

‘Western U-Middlesex College’

Western U-Middlesex College

‘Western U-Middlesex College’-2016, 45″x 45″ is a classic “between seasons” at high latitudes statement. Canadians often complain about the weather but we’re lucky to have four distinctive seasons, with very different looks. Some of my friends, in the tropics get “wet or dry”, “cool or hot” and that’s about it. Here in London, Ontario; they know the white stuff is coming and that’s a whole New Stage… like moving up, from a Freshman to a Senior…

‘Willow Creek Coulee’

'Willow Creek Coulee'

‘Willow Creek Coulee’-2016, 40″ x 80″

This part of Alberta is really unique; this is Canada’s “Dinosaur Country”. I feel like I’m in a “Time Warp” when I’m here! Mother Nature is shedding her gown and revealing her deep past in these “Badlands”. Hot and dry or cold and snowy; time stops here…

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