Hay Bales on #9

Edition of 1 -42"x60"-SOLD Edition of 5 16.8"X24.4" Edition of 15 -11"X15.9"

42″x60″-EDITION OF 1-SOLD…..16.8″X24.4″-EDITION OF 5…..11″X15.9″ EDITION OF 15

I was daydreaming about summer today…
Vancouver’s thick cloud cover and short dark winter days, will do that to you!
‘Hay Bales on #9’ happened in 1997, a great thunderstorm on the Prairies and a camera loaded with infrared film.
It was hot!
Like most NORMAL Canadians… I never complain about the heat!

Library Worlds

Edition of 5- 46.5"x 93" Edition of 10- 20"x 40" Edition of 15- 8.5"x 17"

Edition of 3- 45″x 90″
Edition of 5- 20″x 40″
Edition of 15- 8.5″x 17″

I’m having a lot of fun with the Library at the moment; so I’m going to keep serving up the “Fresh Stuff”! I couldn’t just call this one “Study Something….” because it turned out to be multiple worlds. Since everything else about it is busy and complex; I’m going with simplicity, in title at least. I like what I was able to do with the wood, in this one. The Chamber is a masterful display of woodworking design and talent. It’s a “Warm Cocoon” of our Living Democracy… repository of all our matters of State, since becoming a Nation in 1867. It was an honour, to be allowed to work here at night, when I had it all to myself…well not quite. Special thanks to the Security Staff on the Hill, without whom, I would not be… serving this up!

Library Study #11

Edition of 5-46.5"x62" Edition of 10-20"x26.6" Edition of 15-11"x14.6"

Edition of 3-46.5″x62″
Edition of 5-20″x26.6″
Edition of 15-11″x14.6″

Another in the Library Series…
Library Study #11 is pushing data, information and patterns, to reveal themselves in yet another alternate form.
Since this building is circular, spheres seem appropriate…

Library Mirrorball

Edition of 5-46.5" x82.7" Edition of 10-20"x35.6" Edition of 15-9.5"x17"

Edition of 3-50″x50″
Edition of 5-20″x20″
Edition of 15-11″x11″

‘Library Mirrorball’ is another in my 3 part Parliamentary Series. It’s hard to show all the details of a circular space… on a flat piece of paper. I continue to explore these possibilities on this beautiful library in Ottawa. Charged with doing the research and record keeping for Canada’s Parliament; this is the pinnacle of libraries in Canada. It’s very hard to do it justice in a 2D frame…

Box Canyon Dream #4

Box Canyon photo

Edition of 3—40″x97″
Edition of 5—20″x48.5″
Edition of 15—7″x17″

This piece was a result of my time spent at Ghost Ranch, Georgia O’Keeffe’s inspirational home in New Mexico. This place has a timeless beauty and carries a heavy spirituality, that only places occupied by hundreds of past generations have…
Being affected by the geologic and anthropological history of the place; I decided to invent my own imaginary future …event/space.

Stretching Trees

Edition of 15- 7.9" x 17" Edition of 5- 14"x30.25" Edition of 1- 33.6"x73.5"

Edition of 15- 7.9″ x 17″
Edition of 5- 14″x30.25″
Edition of 1- 33.6″x73.5″

I made ‘Stretching Trees’ in 1998. It’s part of my infrared landscape series. I made a large mural for a show, which is sold but I’m going to print 2 Editions on paper. This dark and moody piece seemed appropriate to pull out for viewing at the beginning of winter. I used Konicas’ venerable 120 Infrared film and shot it on my 6×17 and 6×7 cameras. This film was very gritty and distinctive in its look. Of course it is not available now. Both content and medium are frozen in time.

Alex Fraser Bridge 2009

Alex Fraser Bridge photo

8.25″ x 12″

I do a lot of flying.
Flying into Vancouver is always interesting. On a winter day at about noon the clouds opened just as we were over the Alex Fraser Bridge. The bridge spans the South Fraser River just before it enters the Pacific. It was sufficiently abstract to catch my attention…Edition of 15.

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