Library Study #6

Not your average work station…
Edition of 3-48″x96″
Edition of 5-20″x40″
Edition of 15-8.5″x17″
The surreal Art of Chris Thomas.

Library of Parliament Study #2

This study of the roof reveals how its’ symmetry imparts strength to the structure. Since the Marble statue of Queen Victoria is in the center of the chamber, I wasn’t able to capture my images “dead center”. That’s why the central oval has “attitude”!

Total number of images to make this composite…  38.

‘Library Study #2’ is 45″ x 45″



Library of Parliament Study #8

The surreal art of Chris Thomas


This study centers on the administrative hub of the library.
The people working in this “Cathedral of Information” are at the top of their fields.
This circular chamber actually feels like a cathedral.
When I apply algorithms to alter the natural geometry of the space… patterns jump out.
Patterns our architects and engineers create, often mimic Nature.
The math is the same!

‘Library of Parliament Study #1’

‘Library Study #1’ 2013, 45″x 45″

This is the third part of my series in the great buildings, on Canada’s Parliament Hill.
The Library of Parliament, is a beautiful totally circular chamber. It’s recently been restored and is an awesome space.
There are many ways one can present a circular space, on a flat piece of paper…
This is the first in the series, of my explorations


7th Ave. Calgary

The surreal art of Chris Thomas-7th Ave. Calgary
I made this image on a Calgary street in 2007. I was admiring the trees and colour and couldn’t resist warping them to my own liking. The light in Calgary is beautiful year round, due to it’s latitude and altitude. The dry atmosphere offers up beautiful blues in the sky. This is actually a 360° view in equirectangular format.
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