“West Hastings’

‘West Hastings’-2017, 45″x75″
I actually shot the components for this piece in November, 2016. After a record number of rainy days this winter; I finally got around to working with it.

This park is little Refuge from The Towers. I find the Towers both beautiful and menacing. They’re efficient on one level and wasteful on another.

There’s no denying their beauty though…

‘Triple Insect Vision-Downtown’

‘Triple Insect Vision-Downtown’-45″x 45″, 2017

If we Humans had vision like this; no one could ever sneak up on anybody! No surprises. I guess that’s why it’s so hard to catch a fly… I’ve made this insect view more complicated than Mother Nature likely would, for esthetic purpose. Artist’s aren’t confined by Nature’s frugality… thankfully.

This is of course, Canada Place, where the cruise ships dock, in downtown Vancouver.

‘Sailing Around Downtown’

‘Sailing Around Downtown’-2017, 45″x 80″

“I sometimes feel I have a little Don Quixote in me…

seeing things the way they are, is never good enough anymore.”


These days, a lot of people in Media and Politics, are working in “Alternate Facts”. This is a very creative field; you can do anything you want! To Artists… this is no big deal! That’s all we do. Yet in our culture; you won’t find any artists on Corporate Boards, or as Political Advisors…too Don Quixote. They refuse to stay inside the “Cool-Aid Bubble”, “too creative”,  “too unruly”…. God forbid, somebody should mention “TEAM”!

It’s all true… (disclaimer-my reality bubble!)

This piece needs a big space.  It can be rotated in any direction… if you’re indecisive.

‘Downtown Sky’

'Downtown Sky' the surreal art of Chris Thomas.

‘Downtown Sky’-2017, 45″x 90″

Information towers with 50,000 eyes,

most not watching.

Left, Right, Up or Down,

all the same… but different…

‘Floating Harbour World’

'Floating Harbour World'

‘Floating Harbour World’-2017, 45″x 45″

More work done on Vancouver’s waterfront… We have lots of beautiful blue here; if it’s not the sky it’s the ocean.

I don’t like to say too much about my work because if it’s successful; it will find it’s own meaning with people who like it.

I admit; I do enjoy playing with reality. Seeing things in a new way is like “Candy” to me.

The composited images were captured at the Convention Centre on the water.

Palm Art Award

I’m honoured to receive…

‘Palm Art Award 2016’

Special Prize:

Digital Art

‘Stanley Park Palette Diptych’

'Stanley Park Palette Diptych'
‘Stanley Park Palette Diptych’-2017, 2 Panels x 45″
I often make palette studies of significant locations.
Stanley Park doesn’t normally flash a lot of red but the fire extinguishers really jump out.
You might visit a hundred times and not see them, so I decided to use one here…
This piece needs a big space.

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