‘West Point Football World’

‘West Point Football World’-2018, 40″x 45″
Further indulgences in early spring “Beach Dreaming”…
If you were an ant; this world would be big enough for you…

Biancoscuro Art Magazine #27

Page from the lastest Biancoscuro Art Magazine (#27)
Happy to be represented by Mona Youssef Gallery at the upcoming Lausanne Art Fair, April 19-22/2018.

‘West Point-PEI’

‘West Point-PEI’-2018, 52″x 78″
It’s the end of March and winter hasn’t released it’s grip yet!
I needed a “trip to the beach”, so I pulled these image captures from last summer’s library and made ‘West Point-PEI’.
A great place to “be a kid”.

‘Cannon World’

‘Cannon World’-2018, 45″x 45″
This image of Saint Andrews by the Sea, in New Brunswick, started out as a comment on the past.
By the time I finished with it; it spoke to both past and future of our species,
with a dash of tragic comedy…

‘Tower and Sail’

‘Tower and Sail’-2008, 24″x 24″
More of my whimsical Vancouver, Pacific sea and sky…
At this point digital sensors had finally reached the point where; if you stitched enough files together; you could make a big file.
I moved in this direction, abandoning film altogether several years before this.

‘Paris Balloons #3’

‘Paris Balloons #3’-2001, 24″x 24″
This mid winter demonstration was shot on film, ‘in camera’ in 2001.
It’s part of my Paris Series, shot with large distortable Mylar mirrors.
I’ve never shown much of this work, but it seems the right time of year for this one…

‘Tribute to Don Messer’

‘Tribute to Don Messer’-2017, 45″x45″
This is the time of year when new memories are made and old ones are enjoyed…
Don Messer was the youngest of 11 children and began playing fiddle at the age of five. This huge beautiful fiddle sculpture is a tribute to him in Harvey, the town closest to Tweedside, New Brunswick where he was born. The fiddle is “larger than life” just like he was.
Canadians couldn’t get enough of Don Messer, as television came of age in the 50’s and 60’s. He popularized East Coast fiddle music wherever he went… and he went everywhere, entertaining Canadians young and old.

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