Alex Fraser Bridge 2009

Alex Fraser Bridge photo

8.25″ x 12″

I do a lot of flying.
Flying into Vancouver is always interesting. On a winter day at about noon the clouds opened just as we were over the Alex Fraser Bridge. The bridge spans the South Fraser River just before it enters the Pacific. It was sufficiently abstract to catch my attention…Edition of 15.

Library Square

Library Square image

“Library Square”

This piece was created in 2008.
It’s Vancouver’s Main Library building and is a tribute to another more famous building. I love this playful architectural tribute. It’s a real community hub, they even allow climbers to repel off the building… doing demos as Vancouverites blithely go about their business below.

Lichen Man

'Lichen Man' 7.75" x 7.75"

‘Lichen Man’
7.75″ x 7.75″

This is from my series of ‘Found Abstractions’.
I’ve always found Mother Natures’ ART far superior Mans’ efforts. In fact, we struggle to even imitate her adequately! This primitive ‘community’ of lichens can survive extreme conditions, -50C to +50C, with no water and relentless UV bombardment from the sun. These colonies can last many 100’s of years if left undisturbed.
As is my Modis Operandi, I “messed with it” to my own liking… made in 2003.
Would you have guessed what it is… if I hadn’t told you?

Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour, Vancouver


‘Coal Harbour’ on Vancouver’s False Creek is a beautiful place to live, although in its early days it was just as its name implies… an industrial zone. Today its waters are clear and clean and it’s an upscale trendy place to live. Since I’m bored with taking “straight photos” I decided to put a black star in its center to acknowledge its past.

Coal Harbour Winter 2007

It feels like winter here in Vancouver today.
10° C with some H2O.
Here’s a winter shot I did in 2007. It feels like this today.
Edition info @

Coal Harbour Winter 2007

Library Study #6

Not your average work station…
Edition of 3-48″x96″
Edition of 5-20″x40″
Edition of 15-8.5″x17″
The surreal Art of Chris Thomas.

Library of Parliament Study #2

This study of the roof reveals how its’ symmetry imparts strength to the structure. Since the Marble statue of Queen Victoria is in the center of the chamber, I wasn’t able to capture my images “dead center”. That’s why the central oval has “attitude”!

Total number of images to make this composite…  38.

‘Library Study #2’ is 45″ x 45″



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