Hoodoo Tunnel

Print#2/3........30″x82″....available Print#4/15......6.25″x17″.......available


HOODOO TUNNEL is dedicated to my film friends in Alberta.
They’ve been providing “impossible locations” for generations, although you’ll need CGI for something like this…
They can arrange it!
The light in Alberta is exceptional!
The crews are skilled, locations phenomenal….


Parliamentary Perspectives: A three part study...

I’d like to invite everyone to checkout my three year, Three Study Series, done on these great heritage buildings on Canada’s Parliament Hill.
From time to time, I may add a piece or two but I consider it pretty much finished at this point. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed doing it…
HAPPY NEW YEAR to my Chinese friends!
FEATURED NOW on my site.
Check it out

SKY 06072010



SKY 06072010 is a SKY panorama….part of my “SKY SERIES”.
I’m thinking around 30,000 ft.
Abstracting it from colour… hurt my brain!
But it was worth it, I think….


'Library Study #12'

This is the latest in my Parliamentary Library series…
As the building itself is round; it seems the circular themes are more in sync with the space.
I’m so grateful to those who take care of this national treasure.
Their work never ends…

Library Desktop

'Library Desktop'

This is the latest in my series on the Parliamentary Library, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The orange is where a lot of the work gets done; it’s desktop!
This is an amazing space… very impressive vertically!
This is my attempt to show it all within a 2 dimensional vertical format.

I dedicate this one to the Library staff…
who so gracefully carry their weighty responsibilities.


Edition of 5- 20" x 30" Edition of 10- 11" x 16.5"

Edition of 5- 20″ x 30″
Edition of 10- 11″ x 16.5″

‘RED BUBBLES’ was created in 2001.
Of course, they’re not really bubbles… but that’s life.LOL
Artists get to play ‘fast and loose’ with these things.

This being the last Post of 2013… with New Years upon us in some parts of the world already; BUBBLES seemed appropriate!

HAPPY 2014!

Hay Bales on #9

Edition of 1 -42"x60"-SOLD Edition of 5 16.8"X24.4" Edition of 15 -11"X15.9"

42″x60″-EDITION OF 1-SOLD…..16.8″X24.4″-EDITION OF 5…..11″X15.9″ EDITION OF 15

I was daydreaming about summer today…
Vancouver’s thick cloud cover and short dark winter days, will do that to you!
‘Hay Bales on #9’ happened in 1997, a great thunderstorm on the Prairies and a camera loaded with infrared film.
It was hot!
Like most NORMAL Canadians… I never complain about the heat!

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