Library Study #11

Edition of 5-46.5"x62" Edition of 10-20"x26.6" Edition of 15-11"x14.6"

Edition of 3-46.5″x62″
Edition of 5-20″x26.6″
Edition of 15-11″x14.6″

Another in the Library Series…
Library Study #11 is pushing data, information and patterns, to reveal themselves in yet another alternate form.
Since this building is circular, spheres seem appropriate…

Library Mirrorball

Edition of 5-46.5" x82.7" Edition of 10-20"x35.6" Edition of 15-9.5"x17"

Edition of 3-50″x50″
Edition of 5-20″x20″
Edition of 15-11″x11″

‘Library Mirrorball’ is another in my 3 part Parliamentary Series. It’s hard to show all the details of a circular space… on a flat piece of paper. I continue to explore these possibilities on this beautiful library in Ottawa. Charged with doing the research and record keeping for Canada’s Parliament; this is the pinnacle of libraries in Canada. It’s very hard to do it justice in a 2D frame…

Sail Island

Edition of  5- 24"x24" Edition of 10-15"x15" Edition of 15- 11"x11"

Edition of 5- 20″x20″
Edition of 5-15″x15″
Edition of 15- 11″x11″

The inspiration for this piece is a playful and happy place. It’s actually called ‘CANADA PLACE’ in Vancouvers’ harbour.
If you’ve ever come to Vancouver on a cruise ship; you’ve docked here.
Since it’s Winter and i’m board…. i’m taking liberties with it … like a child’s dream, the night after their first visit… there.

Harrison Hot Springs

Edition of 10-15" x 30" Edition of 15-8.5" x 17"

Edition of 10-15″ x 30″
Edition of 15-8.5″ x 17″

Can this be Canada in the winter?
When I moved to Canada’s West Coast in 2008; I couldn’t believe this was winter and I was still in Canada. British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, just north of the American border, is a unique ecozone. This and other places like it on Canada’s West Coast are rare temperate rainforests that stay green all winter. I was moved, so I had to put some spin on it… so it wouldn’t be a postcard shot.

The Ancestors Taos Pueblo

Edition of 5--13.75"x35.3" Edition of 15--6.6"x17"

Edition of 5–13.75″x35.3″
Edition of 15–6.6″x17″

Taos Pueblo is another of those places that hold a special spirituality….part landscape, part human heritage.
The Pueblo’s graveyard inspired me to make this piece, which is mostly about escaping the bounds of physicality.
Created in 2006…

Box Canyon Dream #4

Box Canyon photo

Edition of 3—40″x97″
Edition of 5—20″x48.5″
Edition of 15—7″x17″

This piece was a result of my time spent at Ghost Ranch, Georgia O’Keeffe’s inspirational home in New Mexico. This place has a timeless beauty and carries a heavy spirituality, that only places occupied by hundreds of past generations have…
Being affected by the geologic and anthropological history of the place; I decided to invent my own imaginary future …event/space.

Stretching Trees

Edition of 15- 7.9" x 17" Edition of 5- 14"x30.25" Edition of 1- 33.6"x73.5"

Edition of 15- 7.9″ x 17″
Edition of 5- 14″x30.25″
Edition of 1- 33.6″x73.5″

I made ‘Stretching Trees’ in 1998. It’s part of my infrared landscape series. I made a large mural for a show, which is sold but I’m going to print 2 Editions on paper. This dark and moody piece seemed appropriate to pull out for viewing at the beginning of winter. I used Konicas’ venerable 120 Infrared film and shot it on my 6×17 and 6×7 cameras. This film was very gritty and distinctive in its look. Of course it is not available now. Both content and medium are frozen in time.

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