‘Harvey Gothic’

‘Harvey Gothic’-2017, 40″x 40″
That’s Harvey, New Brunswick, in the summertime with my pals P&M.
Fortunately, not all of New Brunswick looks like this.
Better people than this, are hard to find, even on flat land!

‘North Atlantic Morning Globe’

‘North Atlantic Morning Globe’-2017, 45″x 45″
This is what happens when you start shooting before morning coffee!
Nothing is straight and the colour isn’t right…

Being at one… with sea, rocks and sky at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

‘Halifax Ramp’

'Halifax Ramp'

‘Halifax Ramp’-2017, 45″x 45″ is kind of; a dreamy summer comment on the naval heritage of the city. If you’ve ever been to Halifax in the summer… you didn’t see this!

But if you know Halifax; it won’t take you long to figure out where it was shot.

‘Peggy’s Bent World’

‘Peggy’s Bent World’-2017, 45″x 90″
My imaginary world… alone with the Lighthouse, at Peggy’s Cove!

‘Peggy’s Cove Harbour World’

‘Peggy’s Cove Harbour World’-2017, 45″x45″
In Peggy’s Cove, how can you choose which way to point your camera?
No image, is as good as being there… here’s my glimpse of the harbour.

‘Peggy’s Lighthouse Study #2’

Peggy’s Lighthouse Study #2-2017, 45″x 45″
It’s been a struggle to find solitude with this formerly, lonely beacon…

Although combed by relentless waves of tour buses and RVs in the summer; this structure was a lonely lifesaver for countless mariners and still serves. Many a shaken fisherman made it home to their families, thanks to this beautiful, lonely structure.
I don’t know how many lives it’s saved… but it’s a huge number.

Hats off; to those who built her and stood watch… in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

‘Peggy’s Lighthouse World’

‘Peggy’s Lighthouse World’, 2017-40″x 40″
This is my take on this iconic tourist attraction; Peggy’s Cove, in Nova Scotia.
I arrived early to avoid the tourist buses and the Photoshop work I’d have to do, to remove them from my scene. The sky was beautiful so I decided to highlight it, in this piece.
More takes on this subject coming soon… I’ve been on the East Coast shooting, for the last few weeks…

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