‘Avatar Palette Diptych’

‘Avatar Palette Diptych’-2016, 2 panels-40″x 40″ Dye Sublimation on Aluminum This is the colour palette, of an Old Growth Temperate Rainforest, on Vancouver Island. You won’t hardly ever, find any snow in this forest. There’s not many places in Canada, that you can say that!

“Stairs to Sky Forest”

“Stairs to Sky Forest”-2015, 45″x 90″ This piece just received Honorable Mention 2019, from the ipa, (International Photography Awards) in Fine Art, Collage. https://www.instagram.com/iphotoawards/

‘Cathedral Grove Portal’

‘Cathedral Grove Portal’-2015, 45″x90″ I love being in the forest but it has a dark side too. This piece mixes the beautiful with the unknown, which for me, are two of the best things about the forest. As long as it’s going well; it’s great. Cathedral Grove is an Old Growth Forest on Vancouver Island.

‘Avatar Old Growth Sky’

‘Avatar Old Growth Sky’ -2016, 45″x 45″ If you had “bug vision” you might see the forest like this… Western Red Cedars and Douglas Fir trees, some as old as 800 years and 75 m (250 ft) in height, reach for the sky. Like the ancient Egyptians; they worship the Sun. They also manufacture oxygen and consume CO2 and now draw tens of thousands…

‘Avatar Old Growth Wheels’

Avatar Old Growth Forest is on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific side, near Port Renfrew. It’s a small patch that has escaped the chain saws. It’s hard to believe… but 9000 hectares (over 22,000 acres) of Old Growth Temperate RainForest is still cut, every year on Vancouver Island. I can’t do justice to the beauty or primal vibe of this place, so I attempt…

‘Deep Cove No Diving’

  ‘Deep Cove No Diving’-2016, 45″x45″ Deep Cove, on Vancouver Island is easy to get to and often overlooked. It’s just a small village but has a great little port and marina. This sign is not a joke; it stands about 4 feet high at the end of this dock…. Further out; it’s Deeper!

‘Botanical Beach Spirit World’

‘Botanical Beach Spirit World’-2016, 44″x44″ is my take on Botanical Beach, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. From here to Asia; there’s nothing, but the Pacific! Without any conscious plan… this piece turned out to be an homage to the West Coast Native People, who made good use of these rocky inter-tidal zones for thousands of years…