‘Green Timbers Study #3’

‘Green Timbers Study #3’-2017, 40″x 40″ I love the temperate rainforests of British Columbia; my dog’s a big fan too. Green Timbers forest is fully in the center of Surrey and is a city preserve. I’m lucky to have it within walking distance and the dog couldn’t agree more! I decided to try to simulate how it might appear, through his eyes…

‘Green Timbers with George’

‘Green Timbers with George’-2017, 45″x 75″ Green Timbers Forest is pretty good as urban forests go. It’s a world of it’s own… deserving of protection. My dog, George… thinks it’s his turf. He patiently waits while I fiddle with my camera.

‘Green Timbers Tunnel with Dog’

‘Green Timbers Tunnel with Dog’-2017, 40″x 40″ Green Timbers Forest is in Surrey. That’s Surrey, in Metropolitan Vancouver, not London England! My dog “George” is patiently waiting for me to stop fiddling around and continue the “sniff and wiz”. He’s unaware that he’s been brought here today specifically to model. Being a charming Standard Poodle, he’s a very good poser and very patient with…

‘Cathedral Grove Portal’

‘Cathedral Grove Portal’-2015, 45″x90″ I love being in the forest but it has a dark side too. This piece mixes the beautiful with the unknown, which for me, are two of the best things about the forest. As long as it’s going well; it’s great. Cathedral Grove is an Old Growth Forest on Vancouver Island.

‘Stanley Park Palette Diptych’

‘Stanley Park Palette Diptych’-2017, 2 Panels x 45″ I often make palette studies of significant locations. Stanley Park doesn’t normally flash a lot of red but the fire extinguishers really jump out. You might visit a hundred times and not see them, so I decided to use one here… This piece needs a big space.

‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant Study #2’

‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant Study #2’-2017, 45″x 72″ This world-famous tourist attraction has its own fire suppression system and it needs it. Many people continue to smoke in the forest, which is usually fairly wet but in recent years has been drying out, particularly last El Nino summer. I was struck by the incongruity of hydrants in forests. But being a park with very…

‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant’

‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant’-2017, 45″x 45″ I swear; I did not “Photoshop” this fire hydrant, into Vancouver’s Stanley Park! I wasn’t aware that the park had it own fire suppression system until recently, when I started to explore it more thoroughly. I’m happy to see it after a couple of very dry years here. I could have done a nice “Post Card” shot but…