‘Avatar Palette Diptych’

‘Avatar Palette Diptych’-2016, 2 panels-40″x 40″ Dye Sublimation on Aluminum This is the colour palette, of an Old Growth Temperate Rainforest, on Vancouver Island. You won’t hardly ever, find any snow in this forest. There’s not many places in Canada, that you can say that!

‘Green Timbers Tunnel with Dog’

‘Green Timbers Tunnel with Dog’-2017, 40″x 40″ Another piece that has won an Honorable Mention, in the recently announced International Photography Awards, Fine Art, Collage. https://www.instagram.com/iphotoawards/

“Stairs to Sky Forest”

“Stairs to Sky Forest”-2015, 45″x 90″ This piece just received Honorable Mention 2019, from the ipa, (International Photography Awards) in Fine Art, Collage. https://www.instagram.com/iphotoawards/

Stanley Park Palette Diptych

‘Stanley Park Palette Diptych-2016, 2 panels, 80 x 80 cm. Another piece my Gallerist, @MonaYoussef is presenting, at Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris next week. I’ll be happy to join her, for sales and art making, while I’m there. Vernissage is 7 pm, October 19th… for my Parisian friends! Art Shopping runs through to 8pm, Sunday, October 21st.  

‘No Clones Study #2’

‘No Clones Study #2’-2018, 40″x 40″ Spring in the forest and the dog walking is easy… My dog, George agrees, although he’ll always try to “double down” on duration.

‘Green Timbers Study #3’

‘Green Timbers Study #3’-2017, 80x80cm This is one of the images I’ll be showing with Mona Youssef Galley, at the Lausanne Art Fair, April 19th-22nd. More info here: http://www.lausanneartfair.com/index.php/en/galleries/item/719-mona-youssef-gallery

‘George’s Forest Dream’

‘George’s Forest Dream’-2017, 40″x40″ My Dog “George” thinks he owns this forest! He carefully sniffs and dispenses his “social media communications” on all his carefully selected spots. He carefully analyses everything through his nose. I’m convinced he’s primarily a nose attached to a brain… Like any dog; if you don’t distract him from his nose, you won’t get his attention. How do dogs dream?…