‘Senate Hyper Triple Study #16’

Senate Hyper Triple Study #16-2011, 45″ x 45″ I’ve discovered, that the symmetry of the spaces we create; mimic Nature in a myriad of ways. It’s not always obvious but an algorithm or two… pops it out! From the Sentate of Canada series…

‘Vancouver Convention Palette Diptych’

‘Vancouver Convention Palette Diptych’-2016, 2 Panels-80cm x 80cm… going with me, to the XII Florence Biennale, in October.

‘Opera House Square Study’

‘Opera House Square Study’-2019, Master Print-48″x48″ Sydney Harbour packed into a square. “What kind of lens is that?” It’s a magic lens; it sees everything! “Oh” “OK”…

‘Opera House Study #2’

‘Opera House Study #2’-2019, Master Print-48″x72″ If you’re a Canadian; there’s nothing like a trip “down under” in the middle of winter! Sydney was our lolly-pop… after Gold Coast and Brisbane!

‘Speaker’s Chair’

‘Speaker’s Chair’-2010 Rummaging through older works now that Centre Block is under construction. Here’s some “Time & Space Candy”!