‘Lausanne Near Notre-Dame’

‘Lausanne Near Notre-Dame’-2018, 40″x 40″ It was April; the trees were just popping out! Here’s my take on the Cathedral neighbourhood. Lausanne is unique, a terrific city. Les Lausannois sont FANTASTIQUE!

‘West Point Football World’

‘West Point Football World’-2018, 40″x 45″ Further indulgences in early spring “Beach Dreaming”… If you were an ant; this world would be big enough for you…

‘West Point-PEI’

‘West Point-PEI’-2018, 52″x 78″ It’s the end of March and winter hasn’t released it’s grip yet! I needed a “trip to the beach”, so I pulled these image captures from last summer’s library and made ‘West Point-PEI’. A great place to “be a kid”.

‘Tower and Sail’

‘Tower and Sail’-2008, 24″x 24″ More of my whimsical Vancouver, Pacific sea and sky… At this point digital sensors had finally reached the point where; if you stitched enough files together; you could make a big file. I moved in this direction, abandoning film altogether several years before this.

‘Harvey Gothic’

‘Harvey Gothic’-2017, 40″x 40″ That’s Harvey, New Brunswick, in the summertime with my pals P&M. Fortunately, not all of New Brunswick looks like this. Better people than this, are hard to find, even on flat land!

‘Peggy’s Bent World’

‘Peggy’s Bent World’-2017, 45″x 90″ My imaginary world… alone with the Lighthouse, at Peggy’s Cove!

‘Peggy’s Cove Harbour World’

‘Peggy’s Cove Harbour World’-2017, 45″x45″ In Peggy’s Cove, how can you choose which way to point your camera? No image, is as good as being there… here’s my glimpse of the harbour.