‘Arctic Chopper Crew’

‘Arctic Chopper Crew’-1987, 11″ x 14.75″ After a long and cold winter on the West Coast; summer has arrived! Now, having spent the last several days sweating in the heat; I’m already reminiscing about cooler temperatures. This shot as taken at -45°C. Just before this, I’d pulled a colour geletin filter out to attach to a lens. The total stillness of the air was…

‘Library Glass Warp’

  ‘Library Glass Warp‘-2011, 20″ x 29.75″ Vancouver’s main library looks like a modern version of the Roman Coliseum. Of course, it’s surrounded by beautiful glass buildings, so I just decided to wrap them around it. The Library is also circular, so I stayed with the circular theme. This was a winter project. As usual; there was no snow… lucky to be living in “Lotus…

‘Downtown Sky’

‘Downtown Sky’-2017, 45″x 90″ Information towers with 50,000 eyes, most not watching. Left, Right, Up or Down, all the same… but different…

‘Calgary Windmill’

‘Calgary Windmill’ ©2002 is another piece from my Mylar Series. This work was about creating a course digital look on film, before digital sensors were capable of producing large prints. Produced entirely in camera with no computer manipulation… in the children’s park on Prince’s Island.

‘Split Field’

‘SPLIT FIELD’ is another in my Infrared Landscape series. Captured on Konica 120 Infrared film; the neg is 6×17 cm. I took this in 1997 in southern Alberta.

‘Cape Wreak’

‘Cape Wreak’ was shot on the East Cape of Mexico’s Baja in 1999…another in my Infrared Landscape series. This Coast is as unforgiving and remote, as it is beautiful. I remember how grateful I was, for the cloud cover after many days of relentless sun.

‘Turner Valley’

‘Turner Valley’ Alberta. Another in my Infrared Landscape Series. Created 1997.