‘Solarized Left Breast’

‘Solarized Left Breast’-2004, 14.6″x 14.6″ Of course, when one applies a solarizing effect; it’s natural to think of Man Ray. He did his, in a film darkroom; I’m using a computer. I never imitate “Masters” but I do learn by seeing. Here’s a tribute to Man Ray…

‘North Atlantic Morning Globe’

‘North Atlantic Morning Globe’-2017, 45″x 45″ This is what happens when you start shooting before morning coffee! Nothing is straight and the colour isn’t right… Being at one… with sea, rocks and sky at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

‘Willow Creek Coulee’

‘Willow Creek Coulee’-2016, 40″ x 80″ This part of Alberta is really unique; this is Canada’s “Dinosaur Country”. I feel like I’m in a “Time Warp” when I’m here! Mother Nature is shedding her gown and revealing her deep past in these “Badlands”. Hot and dry or cold and snowy; time stops here…

‘Prints & Stones’

‘Prints & Stones’ on a favorite Vancouver Island beach… enough said.

‘East of Provost’

‘East of Provost’-1998 is from my infrared series, highlighting wheat stubble and fresh pavement…two “Classics” in Alberta. Of course, the sky in Alberta is often incredible, so that made my shot for me…

‘French Beach-January’

French Beach-January’ is just another example of Nature making the Art and me discovering it. French Beach is on the south-west coast of Vancouver Island. Without the smell of kelp and the sound of the birds and the sea, everything becomes abstracted. Separating out the “Reality” promotes a closer inspection and concentration of a still image. That’s not a limitation but rather an advantage……

‘Mile Zero’

Mile Zero’ is where the Trans Canada Highway starts in Victoria. It’s always beautiful but it’s hard to beat a Winter day like this! It smells like kelp and the air is thick with oxygen. The gulls squawk and of course; the ocean being the Pacific, is living up to its name this day.