‘Opera House Study #2’

‘Opera House Study #2’-2019, Master Print-48″x72″ If you’re a Canadian; there’s nothing like a trip “down under” in the middle of winter! Sydney was our lolly-pop… after Gold Coast and Brisbane!

‘Speaker’s Chair’

‘Speaker’s Chair’-2010 Rummaging through older works now that Centre Block is under construction. Here’s some “Time & Space Candy”!

‘Arc de Triomphe Warp’

Arc de Triomphe Warp-2018 Another in the Sunny October series…

‘Arc de Triomphe-Sunny October’

‘Arc de Triomphe-Sunny October’-2018, I’m sad to see, how November and December have unfolded for France. I’m sure they’ll sort it out, in their own time and fashion…

‘Louvre Dream 2018’

‘Louvre Dream 2018’-125cm x 250cm I had excellent mid-October light to work with when capturing my scenes. Parisians were enjoying their extended summer, as was I …

‘Place de la Concord Study #2’

‘Place de la Concord Study #2’-2018, 50″x 90″ The Obelisque is Egypt’s gift to France. It occupies a place of honour in Paris. My take on the intersection of two cultures…

“Floating Harbour World”

“Floating Harbour World”-2017, 40″x 40″ One of the pieces my Gallerist, @MonaYoussef is presenting, at Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. This print is 80×80 cm. Vernissage is 7pm, October 19th… for my Parisian friends! Art Shopping runs throught the week-end till 8pm October 21st.