‘Burrard Landing Club 16’

‘Burrard Landing Club 16’-2017, 40″x 40″ “If you don’t know which way is up, at least avoid the drains!” An urban globe on white… Dye Sublimation printed on White Aluminum Panel.

‘Library Glass Warp’

  ‘Library Glass Warp‘-2011, 20″ x 29.75″ Vancouver’s main library looks like a modern version of the Roman Coliseum. Of course, it’s surrounded by beautiful glass buildings, so I just decided to wrap them around it. The Library is also circular, so I stayed with the circular theme. This was a winter project. As usual;┬áthere was no snow… lucky to be living in “Lotus…

“West Hastings’

‘West Hastings’-2017, 45″x75″ I actually shot the components for this piece in November, 2016. After a record number of rainy days this winter; I finally got around to working with it. This park is little Refuge from The Towers. I find the Towers both beautiful and menacing. They’re efficient on one level and wasteful on another. There’s no denying their beauty though…

‘Sailing Around Downtown’

‘Sailing Around Downtown’-2017, 45″x 80″ “I sometimes feel I have a little Don Quixote in me… seeing things the way they are, is never good enough anymore.”   These days, a lot of people in Media and Politics, are working in “Alternate Facts”. This is a very creative field; you can do anything you want! To Artists… this is no big deal! That’s all…

‘Pencil City’

‘Pencil City’ is the latest in my MetalWorx Series. Steel, carbon, light, camera, computer and algorithms = Funny Pencil picture HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


‘TunnelWorx’ is another in my ongoing ‘MetalWorx’ series. In my mind; it’s half tunnel and half flower…

‘Metal World with Cut-Out’

‘Metal World with Cut-Out’ is another “circle on square” variation. I love both shapes and look for ways to use them together. As I was building this piece I thought, “Once we were “Square”… before the Wheel; now we can soar into the heavens and make “other worldly things”. We are “Circle” now… all connected, gaping holes and all.”