“Floating Harbour World”

“Floating Harbour World”-2017, 40″x 40″ One of the pieces my Gallerist, @MonaYoussef is presenting, at Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. This print is 80×80 cm. Vernissage is 7pm, October 19th… for my Parisian friends! Art Shopping runs throught the week-end till 8pm October 21st.

‘Palais de Rumine Study #2’

‘Palais de Rumine Study #2’-2018, 40″x 40″ The Symmetry of Man’s creation becomes apparent with altered Geometry. Generally our best efforts, seem to mimic the natural world…

‘Palais de Rumine-Lausanne’

‘Palais de Rumine-Lausanne’-2018, 40″x 40″ This is my playful take, from the center of the square.

‘Lausanne Near Notre-Dame’

‘Lausanne Near Notre-Dame’-2018, 40″x 40″ It was April; the trees were just popping out! Here’s my take on the Cathedral neighbourhood. Lausanne is unique, a terrific city. Les Lausannois sont FANTASTIQUE!

‘Les Garages-Lausanne’

‘Les Garages-Lausanne’-50″x 82″ Downtown #Lausanne is multi-level and cool. Les Garages is an area of creative entrepreneurs, running boutique enterprises…

‘Vancouver Punk World’

‘Vancouver Punk World’<-2016, 80x80cm This is another of the images I’ll be showing with Mona Youssef Galley, at the Lausanne Art Fair, April 19th-22nd. More info here: http://www.lausanneartfair.com/index.php/en/galleries/item/719-mona-youssef-gallery

‘Tower and Sail’

‘Tower and Sail’-2008, 24″x 24″ More of my whimsical Vancouver, Pacific sea and sky… At this point digital sensors had finally reached the point where; if you stitched enough files together; you could make a big file. I moved in this direction, abandoning film altogether several years before this.