‘Dino Park Study #14’

‘Dino Park Study #14’-2012, 40″x 40″ Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, is a very strange and beautiful place. It seems ironic that a place so “out of our time”, should cough up so many terrific fossils. It’s still very much a hostile environment… baked in the summer and frozen in winter. The fossils literally jump out of the ground, with the weathering going on….

‘Willow Creek Coulee’

‘Willow Creek Coulee’-2016, 40″ x 80″ This part of Alberta is really unique; this is Canada’s “Dinosaur Country”. I feel like I’m in a “Time Warp” when I’m here! Mother Nature is shedding her gown and revealing her deep past in these “Badlands”. Hot and dry or cold and snowy; time stops here…

‘Rotary Park Dino’

Print #1/3…………48″x48″…….available Print #1/5………..24″x24″……..available Print #4/15………..11″x11″……..available ‘Rotary Park Dino’-2012, Drumheller, Alberta and all the kids and their parents  making memories together. You can actually climb up inside the dinosaur and look out it’s mouth. It’s hard to tell who is having the most fun, the parents or the kids!

‘Medicine Hat’

‘Medicine Hat’ – 2012, is one of several works created in this beautiful prairie city that year. This is Riverside Veterans’ Memorial Park on the South Saskatchewan River. The Shade of the Cottonwoods was much appreciated on this hot prairie day. It was a little flat, so I took some liberties and raised the stage a little…

‘Calgary Windmill’

‘Calgary Windmill’ ©2002 is another piece from my Mylar Series. This work was about creating a course digital look on film, before digital sensors were capable of producing large prints. Produced entirely in camera with no computer manipulation… in the children’s park on Prince’s Island.

‘Bird Sanctuary’

‘Bird Sanctuary’-1996 is from my Mylar Series. This work was all produced in camera on film. By shooting in large distortable mirrors it was possible to break up the image in an almost digital way. At this time, there were no digital sensors with enough resolution to make large prints. Using this technique, allowed me to create a digital look with film’s high resolution….

‘East of Provost’

‘East of Provost’-1998 is from my infrared series, highlighting wheat stubble and fresh pavement…two “Classics” in Alberta. Of course, the sky in Alberta is often incredible, so that made my shot for me…