‘Jupiter’s Influence’

From my 2001, Paris Mylar Series, ‘Jupiter’s Influence’ like all in this series, was shot into a large distortable Mylar mirror. Paris in the Winter, has its own charm…

‘Organo Mecano’

‘‘ORGANO MECANO’ was inspired by Granville Island, here in Vancouver. Is it a photograph? Yes, it’s glass, metal, organic growth and computer work…

‘Taos Pueblo Cubic World’

Taos Pueblo is steeped in tradition. It’s residents continue their time honoured ways, with some select 21st Century adaptation. Their sacred mountain behind them, is the center of their world. We owe them a debt, for keeping this place the way it has been for so many hundreds of years. It was too mystical for a ‘straight shot’.

‘House Study #8’

Canadian House of Commons inspired ‘House Study #8′-48″x96″. In spite of the “Ruff and Tumble” proceedings that regularly unfold in this chamber, it has a been and remains; a ‘gem’ of Canadian Heritage. We owe a debt to the architects, stone masons, carpenters, electricians and maintenance crews that keep her looking great! You can see more of this series at http://www.christhomas.com

House Study #17

Being a photographic based artist comes with a certain expectation to portray things as they are. Of course, this has always been the case. There have been some notable exceptions such as Man Ray, Moholy-Nagy, Jerry Uelsmann and a few others, but the artforms’ migration from film to digital has opened up many amazing possibilities. With the new digital tools available to photographers, ‘Reality…


‘HOUSE STUDY #3’ is from my latest series of work ‘Parliamentary Perspectives’. It’s kind of a 21st century celebration of a 19th century legacy. This is the home of our Canadian democratic process. Necessarily, this place is subject to a lot of twisting, contortions, victories and defeats… You can see more at http://www.christhomas.com

Carrousel #3

‘Carrousel #3’ is another in the Paris ‘Secret Work’ series. It was shot on film in camera in 2001. This antique carrousel is beautifully maintained and still providing joy, to generations of children and adults.