Vancouver Convention Palette Diptych

‘Vancouver Convention Palette Diptych’ 2017, Panels 45″x 45″ Basically this is the entire palette of Vancouver Harbour from the Convention Centre. I did the image capture in November, but didn’t get time to work on it till now. It feels very “Vancouver” to me… I feel I’m Zooming into 2017, so this palette study resonates…

‘Avatar Palette Diptych’

‘Avatar Palette Diptych’ -2016, Panels 45″x 45″-This palette study allows me to see all the colours, in the 360° environment of the camera. I like to do one of these as I develop a series in a given location. Avatar Old Growth Forest is on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific side, near Port Renfrew. It’s an endangered environment and the subject of my present…

Botanical Beach Palette Diptych

Contemporary Art- Chris Thomas

‘Botanical Beach Spirit World’

‘Botanical Beach Spirit World’-2016, 44″x44″ is my take on Botanical Beach, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. From here to Asia; there’s nothing, but the Pacific! Without any conscious plan… this piece turned out to be an homage to the West Coast Native People, who made good use of these rocky inter-tidal zones for thousands of years…

‘Bird Sanctuary’

‘Bird Sanctuary’-1996 is from my Mylar Series. This work was all produced in camera on film. By shooting in large distortable mirrors it was possible to break up the image in an almost digital way. At this time, there were no digital sensors with enough resolution to make large prints. Using this technique, allowed me to create a digital look with film’s high resolution….

International Woman’s Day Tribute-‘Marta’s Dusty Star’

‘Marta’s Dusty Star’ is the result of a collaboration with my Vancouver painter friend, Marta Baricsa. Seeing this marvelous dusty blue canvas stapled to her studio wall; I asked her if I could photograph it, to see what I could do with it. I’m quite pleased with the result. It’s very different from the original, although very obviously derivative of her beautiful piece. I…

‘Highway 63’

‘Highway 63’ is about winter in Alberta… without getting too specific! You could call it a palette motion study but unlike a true motion study; this effect is not captured in camera.