Carrousel #3

‘Carrousel #3’ is another in the Paris ‘Secret Work’ series. It was shot on film in camera in 2001. This antique carrousel is beautifully maintained and still providing joy, to generations of children and adults.

‘Arc de Triomphe’

This ‘Arc de Triomphe’ was created ‘on film, in camera’ in 2001. It’s part of my Paris Series, shot with large distortable Mylar mirrors. It was a comfortably mild overcast December day. As we worked the Mylar mirror around creating effects; the Arc retained it’s identity and dignity! All the work done at this time was surreal, but it’s unmistakably ‘Paris’. This entire Paris…


This is the latest in my Parliamentary Library series… As the building itself is round; it seems the circular themes are more in sync with the space. I’m so grateful to those who take care of this national treasure. Their work never ends…


‘RED BUBBLES’ was created in 2001. Of course, they’re not really bubbles… but that’s life.LOL Artists get to play ‘fast and loose’ with these things. This being the last Post of 2013… with New Years upon us in some parts of the world already; BUBBLES seemed appropriate! STIR STICK INCLUDED. HAPPY 2014!