‘Sailing Around Downtown’

‘Sailing Around Downtown’-2017, 45″x 80″

“I sometimes feel I have a little Don Quixote in me…

seeing things the way they are, is never good enough anymore.”


These days, a lot of people in Media and Politics, are working in “Alternate Facts”. This is a very creative field; you can do anything you want! To Artists… this is no big deal! That’s all we do. Yet in our culture; you won’t find any artists on Corporate Boards, or as Political Advisors…too Don Quixote. They refuse to stay inside the “Cool-Aid Bubble”, “too creative”,  “too unruly”…. God forbid, somebody should mention “TEAM”!

It’s all true… (disclaimer-my reality bubble!)

This piece needs a big space.  It can be rotated in any direction… if you’re indecisive.

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