‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant’

'Stanley Park Fire Hydrant'

‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant’-2017, 45″x 45″

I swear; I did not “Photoshop” this fire hydrant, into Vancouver’s Stanley Park!

I wasn’t aware that the park had it own fire suppression system until recently, when I started to explore it more thoroughly. I’m happy to see it after a couple of very dry years here.

I could have done a nice “Post Card” shot but that would have been too boring…

6 Comments on “‘Stanley Park Fire Hydrant’

  1. Great photo but spent time looking at this and still not able to figure this image out!!!

      • Plan to look at it again tomorrow using a larger monitor…double take, then triple take looking at an image which I have done already, including looking at it sideways, upside down etc., and still amazed by this photo with no clue to my first few words ‘whoa, what or how…hmmm’šŸ˜Š no pun intended, but you get the picture of my encounter…that’s why this is such a great photo!! Or rather a work of art!!

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