‘Avatar Old Growth Wheels’

Art of Chris Thomas

‘Avatar Old Growth Wheels’-2016, 45″x 90″

Avatar Old Growth Forest is on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific side, near Port Renfrew. It’s a small patch that has escaped the chain saws. It’s hard to believe… but 9000 hectares (over 22,000 acres) of Old Growth Temperate RainForest is still cut, every year on Vancouver Island.

I can’t do justice to the beauty or primal vibe of this place, so I attempt to evoke, just a little of the mystery and symmetry of the place…


2 Comments on “‘Avatar Old Growth Wheels’

  1. Spectacular!!! I love this work Chris!!
    So glad we know this talented master and that we signed up for his blog.
    Best wishes,

    Marta Baricsa
    604 318-8437
    “Your non-narrative paintings evoke contemporary Japanese calligraphy” Nato Thompson, Curator MASS MoCA

    Twitter: @martabaricsa

    Studio #108-1701 Powell St.
    Vancouver, BC V5L 5C9

    Sent from my iPad

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