Library Worlds

Edition of 5- 46.5"x 93" Edition of 10- 20"x 40" Edition of 15- 8.5"x 17"

Edition of 3- 45″x 90″
Edition of 5- 20″x 40″
Edition of 15- 8.5″x 17″

I’m having a lot of fun with the Library at the moment; so I’m going to keep serving up the “Fresh Stuff”! I couldn’t just call this one “Study Something….” because it turned out to be multiple worlds. Since everything else about it is busy and complex; I’m going with simplicity, in title at least. I like what I was able to do with the wood, in this one. The Chamber is a masterful display of woodworking design and talent. It’s a “Warm Cocoon” of our Living Democracy… repository of all our matters of State, since becoming a Nation in 1867. It was an honour, to be allowed to work here at night, when I had it all to myself…well not quite. Special thanks to the Security Staff on the Hill, without whom, I would not be… serving this up!

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