Library Mirrorball

Edition of 5-46.5" x82.7" Edition of 10-20"x35.6" Edition of 15-9.5"x17"

Edition of 3-50″x50″
Edition of 5-20″x20″
Edition of 15-11″x11″

‘Library Mirrorball’ is another in my 3 part Parliamentary Series. It’s hard to show all the details of a circular space… on a flat piece of paper. I continue to explore these possibilities on this beautiful library in Ottawa. Charged with doing the research and record keeping for Canada’s Parliament; this is the pinnacle of libraries in Canada. It’s very hard to do it justice in a 2D frame…

5 Comments on “Library Mirrorball

  1. Such an interesting concept, I like the use of the sphere to create a more cohesive pictoral experience for the viewer. I think it effectively shows the depth of the space, altering our perspective! Reminds me of a depiction of a map and how we use the reverse affect to this and flatten out the globe, which ultimately skews the perspective.

    • Welcome eyegawker
      You do have ‘the eye’…
      That’s pretty much the game I’m playing with this.
      Fortunately, I don’t have the responsibilities of a map maker …so I can play with the geometry.

      • Thank you! Playing with geometry is a tough task, but i’m looking forward to more of your other works on this project! It fits perfectly into Christmas because it also reminds me of an ornament :)

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