‘Marta’s Super Power #9’

‘Marta’s Super Power #9’-2015, 30″x 30″, Dye Sublimation on Aluminum
This is a collaborative work with my Vancouver Painter friend, Marta Baricsa… http://www.martabaricsa.com/
We like each others work, so we did a series together a while ago.
I guess…. this is my ‘Black Hole America’ comment that seems timely…

‘Avatar Palette Diptych’

‘Avatar Palette Diptych’-2016, 2 panels-40″x 40″ Dye Sublimation on Aluminum
This is the colour palette, of an Old Growth Temperate Rainforest, on Vancouver Island. You won’t hardly ever, find any snow in this forest. There’s not many places in Canada, that you can say that!

‘Peggy’s Lighthouse Study #2’

'Peggy's Lighthouse Study #2'
‘Peggy’s Lighthouse Study #2’ resulted in a, Lorenzo il Magnifico Award for me at the XII Florence Biennale.
I was inspired by the engineering and preservation of this iconic structure at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Thanks to the people in the Cove and the Province, for continuing to inspire contemporary artist, as you always have…


Lorenzo il Magnifico Award

I’m honoured to receive, a Lorenzo il Magnifico Award in New Media, at the XII Florence Biennale. With 480 Artist from around the world, I was able to meet many amazing creators…

#art #contemporaryart #awards #florencebiennale #photography #newmedia

Awards at the XII Florence Biennale

Honoured to be recognized, in this great city of art, at the XII Florence Biennale.

(L to R) photographer, Gottfried Roemer, myself, my gallerist, Mona Youssef and painter, Raffi Yedalian…

Andrei Tunikov

The amazing wood carving sculpture of Andrei Tunikov, at the XII Florence Biennale… #art #contemporaryart #sculpture #wood #FlorenceBiennale


Trees… Tuscany Style

#FlorenceBiennale #Florence #trees

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